Alien Sticker WhatsApp

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Java, Xml, Json

is source code to make Stickers for whatsApp, used reward ads for unlock Stickers.

Technology Use:

  • Java Programming
  • Android Studio Arctic Fox 2020.3.1
  • SDK 31 dan Androidx
  • Aliendroid SDK Ads
  • Json Format
  • HTML Format
  • Sublime Text/Notepad++
  • Image Editor (Photoshop, Gimp etc)


  • It uses 9 advertisements with switch and Backup Ads system (Admob, Facebook, Unity, Google Ads Manager, Applovin Max, Applovin Discovery, Mopub, Iron and StartApp)
  • Open Bidding Facebook Audience Network : Iron, Applovin, Mopub and Admob
  • Reward ads for unlock Stickers
  • Banner on top and bottom layout
  • New Design Exit Dialog
  • The latest GDPR configuration
  • Redirect App Module to handle suspended application
  • Remot More App
  • Data using by online and offline mode which is stored in json format
  • In App Update and In App Review Module
  • Switch ads and backup ads mode usage
  • Firebase Analytics

Support Files:

  • Stickers (*.png and *.webp)
  • Json

Version 3.0 03 November 2021

  • Android Arctic Fox dan SDK 31
  • Alien SDK Ads Jupiter-06
  • Backup Mode untuk semua Ads Network
  • Support Android 10
  • Fixed Minor Bugs
  • Yusril


    Om.. SC Stiker update terbaru interstitialnya kok ga tampil ya..?
    9 bulan yang lalu Reply Report
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