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java, xml, zip, image

Kimflix 2 is source code to make video player from your Playlist YouTube ID. This app is made by Libs YouTubePlayer.

Technology Use:

  • Java Programming
  • Json Format
  • Android Studio Bumblebee
  • SDK 32 dan Androidx
  • Aliendroid SDK Ads
  • Sublime Text/Notepad++


  • It uses 8 advertisements with switch and Backup Ads system (Admob, Facebook, Google ads Manager, Unity, Applovin Max, Applovin Discovery, Iron and StartApp)
  • Applovin mediation to FAN, Admob and Adcolony
  • Admob mediation to Applovin, FAN
  • Ironsource mediation to FAN
  • Uses Playlist ID
  • 3 mode listview and 3 mode menu position
  • Native ads on listview
  • Open Ads App for Admob
  • Intertitial with interval
  • On off Banner ads for player and Combine Ads
  • The latest GDPR configuration
  • Redirect App Module to handle suspended application
  • More App Module with listview design
  • In App Update and In App Review Module
  • Switch ads and backup ads mode usage for All Ads Networks
  • Protect apps from Apkpure, ApkMirror, AptoIde, getjar etc. Use this protection if you use Admob ads or restrict installation outside the Playstore.

Support Files:

  • Images (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png and *.webp)
  • Json

B. Reskin SC

1. Basic Reskin

This Basic Reskin is applicable for all source codes from Aliendroid or from other developers (codecanyon, codester, github, etc). Open link

2. Global Setting

Global settings for SC Aliendroid (firebase, alien sdk ads, json ads, etc).  Open Link

3. More App and Ads

a. More App and Ads uses two storage methods (offline and online) using json. Open to change mode offline or online

  • ON_OFF_DATA = 0 is offline mode, More App and Ads data are stored in the asset folder.

  • ON_OFF_DATA = 1 is online mode, More App and Ads data must be stored on the internet.
  • if uses online mode please upload youtube.json to your hosting (can uses firebase, google drive, raw github, etc) and fill URL_ADS_MOREAPP on
  • example

b. Format Json More

    • id : Fill in by number, starting from 0, and so on.
    • title : App Title 
    • image : Image link can be retrieved from Asset folder or website/ URL, depending the mode (online/ offline) will be used.
      Offline : file:///android_asset/namafile.jpeg
      Online :
      Image extension which can be used are *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png, *.webp, and *.gif.
    • link : Application link is located in 1 Google Play Console Account or free. 

4. Create Api Key Youtube

Open guide for get api key youtube "YouTube Data API Overview" check  and follow instruction.
Copy your API Keys to API_KEY_YOUTUBE on, example AIzaSyAS0O_UZ1345fw0SrOxXXXXXXXXXXX

5. Youtube Playlist ID

Open Url Tab and copy your playlist id to YOUTUBE_PLAYLISTS on, example PL8dcxU4nl7E15T2I3u5IPuOc12msTcwo2

nb. please open to use all settings.

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