Alien Wallapper Json Online & Offline

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Java, Xml, Json

A. Description
AWJ is source code to make wallpaper aplication. All file image storing uses json and can changhe offline or online mode. Support file *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, *.webp

B. Features
1.Using 5 advertisements with Switch Ads system (Admob, Facebook Audience Network, Mopub, Unity, and StartApp)
2.Using the latest GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), native advertisements, banner, open ads, and interstitial.
3.Using Redirect App Module to solve suspended application.
4.Data uses online and offline mode.
5.Data storing uses Json.
6.Supporting In-App Update Module and In-App Review.
7.AndroidX, Android Studio 4.1.2, SDK 30 and last SDK for Ads
8. Alien Json Generator

C. Update

12 Mei 2021
- Replace AppOpenManager (Error Open Ads Admob)

2 Mei 2021
1. Update SDK Admob 20.0.0, SDK 4.8.+ (Please replace All file)
2. New Permission write external storage for Android 11
3. New Design Native Ads (Case suspend navigation)

29 Januari 2019
- Fix bug category menu, replace

  • Febri


    Om.. update SC Yg baru dibagian Categories ada error, tumb Categories tampil, tapi isi blank
    4 months ago Reply Report
  • scnya keren, om kalau reskinnya pake AS 4.0.1 ,gradle-6.1.1, ngaruh ya?, tak cb build appnya udah jalan tapi kadang suka nutup sendiri pas buka detil wallpapernya
    5 months ago Reply Report
  • Klo bisa Unit iklan Offline tpi Asset dibikin online om cz klo iklan online kadang lama load kode iklannya... klo aset online di json biar bisa gonta ganti tanpa updat app, berguna utk pemain TM biar aman...
    7 months ago Reply Report
  • sc joss... ownernya fast respon dan sc slalu update,mantap om
    7 months ago Reply Report

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