Alien Skin Map and Wallpaper

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java, xml, zip, image


is source code to make skin, map and set wallpaper aplication for minecraft Pocket Edition (Mobile).

Technology Use:

  • Java Programming
  • Json Format
  • HTML Format
  • Android Studio Arctic Fox 2020.3.1
  • Aliendroid SDK Ads Mars-08
  • Sublime Text/Notepad++


  • It uses 7 advertisements with switch and Backup Ads system (Admob, Facebook, Applovin Max, Applovin Discovery, Mopub, Iron and StartApp)
  • Open Bidding Facebook Audience Network : Iron, Applovin, Mopub and Admob
  • 2D and 3D Skin Viewer
  • Download and Install button with Intertitial ads
  • Native Ads for Admob and FAN
  • Banner ads for Mopub, Applovin and StartApp
  • Intertitial ads with interval
  • Set Wallpaper for Home Screen
  • The latest GDPR configuration
  • Redirect App Module to handle suspended application
  • More App Module with listview design
  • Data using by online and offline mode which is stored in json format
  • In App Update and In App Review Module
  • Switch ads and backup ads mode usage

Support Files:

  • Skin (*.png)
  • Compress Archive for Addon and Maps files(*.rar, *.zip, *.mcpack, *.mcTemplate and *.modpkg)
  • Json


Version 2.1 21 September 2021

  • New Json for Version 2.0
  • Replace

Version 2.0 20 September 2021

  • Ad Mode and ad SDK update so not supported in version 1.0
  • Skin Tool for 3D View
  • Please upload Skin Tool if use 3D mode, by date 31 desember 2021 default Skin Tool uses URL Alien will be deleted
  • Alien SDK Ads Mars-03
  • Hi, I uploaded the skin tool 3d to my host but it doesn't work it just sho men on a mobile device the web page saying That page can't be found ? help plz
    5 months ago Reply Report
  • hi i can't upload the skin tool 3d on my hosting server, it dosen't show me any files from the tool in my hosting i try darn and drop with no clue ?
    5 months ago Reply Report
  • tyo


    Om.. kok ini yang kepanggil data offlinenya ya, khusus Adsnya aja, saya pake Applovin backup Startapp, tapi tetep ga mau, disetel lewat json onlinenya tetep ga mau. Padahal pengaturan sudah angka 1. tapi disetel lewat config/setting mau dia
    8 months ago Reply Report

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