Alien Fake Video & Voice Call

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Java, Xml, Json

A. Description
Alien Fake VV Call (AFVVC) is source code to make fake video and voice call application. With 3 template Facebook, WhatsApp dan Telegram.

B. Fitur
1.Using 4 advertisements with Switch Ads system (Admob, Facebook Audience Netrowk, Applovin and StartApp)
2.3 Template Facebook, WhatsApp dan Telegram
3.Timer setting to calling
4.Using the latest GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation),
5.Using Redirect App Module to solve suspended application.
6.Data uses online and offline mode.
7.More App Module
8.Supporting In-App Update Module and In-App Review
9. Android Studio 4.1.2, Java programming, Sdk 30 and Androidx

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